Simple fixes for the beginner.

    Here are some of my posts that will help you tackle problems around the house. On this page are the more simple things that you can use to make your house more beautiful. Do the cracks in your painted trim make you crazy? Do you have a screw loose? Is there a nail head popping thru your beautiful wall? Look here for those answers and more! This is also a spot where I will answer questions posted by you and other reader on subjects you want to know about. If you have questions about any part of your home from carpentry, painting, plumbing or electrical to landscaping or septic systems. Heres the place to get them answered. So comment below, and we will get you TheBuilderFix for your problems.

Glass tile Grey Shower rain showerhead shower head

Need to hang something heavy? heres how you can find a stud in a wall to get that secure support.

Need to fix a few cracks in your trim? or Re-caulk your shower?

A super easy method to replace your shower head.
sound bathtub plumbing music bathroom bluetooth showerhead

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