Saturday, February 7, 2015

Got coffee? A great organizational idea for all those Keurig K-cups.

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If you are like me, you like your kitchen to be neat and organized. I love nothing more than to be able to see what pantry items I have available and be able to choose easily. I really dislike drawers with piles of utensils, and shelves packed with boxes and cans jumbled together. My goal is to someday have a kitchen where I don't have to root around for anything, everything is available at the touch of a finger.  I am working on adding new organizational features to my kitchen to make all utensils and kitchen gadgets as well as food organized and visible.
I am planning a series of posts to my blog showing as I retrofit my kitchen to make it more organized. 
I love having coffee in the mornings, its part of my morning rituals and really screws up my day when I miss it. I use a Keurig coffee brewer. It makes great coffee and is very convenient for that morning rush. The problem is the Pods for the coffee. I just don't have a good way to store them out of sight but available near the Keurig brewer. Sure there are racks and displays that take up counter space, but my kitchen is not that big. I hate having things cluttering up my counter. I like this new idea from the Rev-a-Shelf company. I know the prefect drawer to install this in, its right below my Keurig coffee maker and is full of junk, a perfect solution to solve two problems, get rid of a junk drawer, and organize my keurig coffee pods. 
I love being able to see the selections available, and also to be able to tell well in advance when I'm running out of K-Cups. There is nothing worse than thinking that you have another box of K-cups in the pantry hidden away and finding out that you were wrong and you are completely out of coffee!
In the next few days I will be making my version of this drawer rack. I will keep you posted on the finished project and my next kitchen upgrade!
And if you want your very own custom rack, or have an idea for a new organizational gadget, please let me know, I love to make kitchen organizers especially when they make working in my kitchen more enjoyable!

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