Thursday, January 15, 2015

A family size desk for 6

This is the ultimate in having a family study area for a home. It's a desk with 5 spots to sit and a dogs favorite spot underneath. Rooney the dog loves his new desk because it brings his humans all to the same spot after school, and sometimes all day for work as well. The inspiration for this design was to have place for the entire family to do work in the same area, making it easy to monitor the kid's schoolwork, and giving them a space to focus without distractions. 

 The cabinets are from Fabuwood, an excellent manufacturer that makes great cabinets at a good price point. the combination of drawer bases and regular door bases provide plenty of storage for all the miscellaneous needs of a busy family at work.

  If you notice the blue box on the underside of the left corner knee space, that's designed to mount the router for internet service, each corner has a 2" hole and grommet to allow wiring to pass under the desk. Each desk area has access to plugs on the back splash,  with 4 outlets at each of 4 points. It provides plenty of power for charging Iphones, IPads, and Laptops.

With new crown moulding and a bead board wainscoting around the room, the desk really blends right in. It is specifically color matched to the cabinets to make it a a cohesive unit, feeling like true built in cabinetry. 

The cap rail on the bead board steps up at the desk level to provide room for the power outlets spaced along the backsplash. It also adds a nice touch, breaking up the long wall. Deciding to install a granite counter top was a great decision, it really makes the room feel warm and stylish. 

The lighting is perfect for the space, with a center light and 4 wall sconces it provides great area lighting as well as task lighting for the late night homework assignments.

Now, 8 months after the install, the family loves the desk area more than ever. Dad now works from home two days a week, and the kids use it daily. We made one modification not shown, one more cabinet to the right of the door shown above, allowing them to make a dedicated printer area reducing clutter in the desk area. I love designing creative solutions for a family to make use of a room that was being underutilized. It went from being a greatly undersized dining room to a family center of activity. 
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