Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bead board wainscoting stair treatment

Sometimes a stairwell needs a little sprucing up when it is in the front entry of the house. A bare wall going up the stairwell isn't the most exciting decorating space. sure you can add photos and hope they don't get knocked down from the kids running up and down the stairs, or you can paint it as an accent wall. But why not think about adding bead board with stepped shelves going up the stairs. 

The handrail was removed before installing the headboard and replaced after the painting was done. the bead board paneling is a plywood product so it makes for an easy installation, and without the joints between pieces, it nearly eliminates shrinkage and seams showing between boards.

Painting the treatment white really makes it pop. the design is made to highlight groups of photos as you go up the stairs. making a niche for one or more photos at each level. its a creative way to group them and show them off!

One of the best parts of this treatment is its cost. Its not that expensive, the bead board runs about $35 / 4'x8' sheet. and theres not a lot else to it, a little base moulding and some pine cap rails. the only downside is you can only expect to  be able to use one sheet per 4' of stair measured horizontal.

P.S. Finished photos will be up soon!

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  1. As I wanted to equip my porch, I chose pine as one of the cheapestoption. Surprisingly, I liked it! Pine wood steps