Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bead board Cubbies for the Mudroom

I built these custom storage cubbies for a customer a few years ago for a customer who needed an innovative storage solution for their kids in the narrow rear entry of their home. with a hall thats only about 5' wide, they had to pack a lot of storage and function in a small space, while looking good!

The upper section of the cabinets have beadboard flat panel doors, with out of season storage for Jackets, hats and gloves, but they are about 12" deep and 24" tall, so you can store anything you like up there!
The middle section is for hanging jackets and school backpacks. each child gets their own cubby so there is no fighting for spaces to hang things. The shelf doubles as a seating are for them to put their shoes on, or their winter boots. its the perfect height for a seat at 18"

Mom had a special request  on the bottoms, she didn't want to see any shoes or boots. the clutter make for a messy looking space. so I designed fulrlextension  drawers for the kids to put their shoes and when closed everything is out of sight.

Adding the cup pulls to the bottom drawers accented the style well. and to give a little more room to the drawers the baseboard is split, becoming part of the drawer. I try to add a unique touch to each piece of work as a signature. 
Adding a band moulding around the top of the middle section helps to break up the height a little. Being 8 feet tall they can seem looming without a break in the middle.

What a fun project, It's great to take an underused space and to make it completely usable. and the Best thanks was that both girls, Mom and Dad loved the final look.

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