Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some laundry center ideas from the International Builders Show 2015

A laundry center can make your chores at home so much easier and dare I say it, enjoyable. Many people who are renovating their home are now deciding to take the laundry out of the basement or back hall and make it a focal point of the home. Laundry as a chore doesn't seem so bad when you have beautiful cabinetry and a great work space for folding and hanging. These are a few options presented at the 2015 International Builders Show in Las Vegas. 

Laundry cabinets
This was my favorite built-in laundry center using cabinetry from Wellborn Cabinets, they used the cabinets to design a space that maximizes usable space and work areas. Raising the washer and dryer off the ground makes them much more accessible to change loads from one to the other. The glass front doors on the upper cabinets and the lighted storage nook add a real touch of class to the design.Laundry cabinets

The laundry center's slop sink makes stain removal and clean-up easy with a large sink. The coordinating cabinetry throughout really gives it a cohesive look, and the grey paint adds to the stylish look. One other feature that helps it to stand out is the use of red in the decor, it coordinates well and warms up the grey. 

Storage cabinets
Laundry slop sink
The folding table creatively uses galvanized pipe to make a hanging rack on the rear of the table, and wheels on the pull out table extension allow for using part of the walking space for those big folding jobs! Kind of makes you want to do laundry doesn't it? I know, weird feeling, huh? I can't wait to apply this to the new homes I build. It really takes a horrible chore and makes it pleasant.

laundry room
Electrolux appliances had a great display as well, the pale blue walls and the white cabinetry fit well with the grey washer and dryer. 

slop sink
Adding a pale grey floor and paneled look to the walls adds to the cottage look of this laundry center.

laundry center
 I feel that this type of laundry room would work well in a situation where the laundry can not be brought into the home its self, for instance if the basement is the only space to put the washer and dryer. Adding a wall treatment to an unfinished basement is not difficult, and the light color will brighten the space when combined with the white shelving and island area. 
Large laundry room
Combining this space with a freezer and or extra refrigerator in the basement helps makes a combined use area that takes less space than two separate areas. 

With homes shrinking in size creating usable space is critically important, combining uses and adding light and bright colors make it a happy warm feeling space to work. I hope this little view into the new ideas helps you to create a warm happy place to do your laundry.

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  1. I like the look of the first one how nice it looks- but there is NO folding space! I like the extra space to fold and organize laundry on the bottom few. Great ideas.

  2. I agree, a counter, island or table is important to have plenty of folding room. The piles add up when you are doing a lot of laundry

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  4. Over the laundry table, assign and name a laundry container for every individual from your family.

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  7. These machines inside cabinetry look awesome, but how do you service them once they need any type of maintenance, or even clean behind them to get rid of the inevitable lint dust build up?

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